A passion for all things steel

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A passion for all things steel

13 December 2012 Posted by 2e-admin The team , ,

At the heart of our company is Jamie Doak, Managing Director. Straight after leaving school at 16, Jamie commenced training as a welder at the local blacksmiths. ‘I loved it,’ he says, ‘and have never looked back.’

Jamie’s passion for all things steel propelled him from that teenage apprenticeship through to the founding of cutting-edge steel fabrication company, Arc Steel Commercial Ltd, and its subsidiary, Grand Gates. ‘I am even more passionate about working with metal today and love the challenges that it brings,’ says Jamie.

‘It has been a big learning curve from then until now,’ he admits of his 20+ years in the steel industry. ‘Lots of mistakes have been made but it has all been very character-forming and I would not change my journey for the world!’

While Jamie no longer picks up tools himself, he is personally involved in every project through planning, reviewing progress and workmanship to aftercare. ‘We strive to give the customer the best possible experience every step of the way.’

The MD is clearly just as enthusiastic about his craft today as he was as a teenager. ‘I get great satisfaction when my team and I produce high quality products for our customers, whether they are large structural steel projects or bespoke individual architectural products,’ he smiles. ‘It is such a great feeling to see a happy customer…

‘I would do this job even if I wasn’t getting paid!’

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