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Aluminium Gates Scotland

The first thing people see when they enter the house is the gates. Iron gates give off a sense of safety and grace. Moreover, wooden gates have a charming rustic feel to them. But these materials have some significant problems. And two of the biggest are supervision and corrosion. And that’s where aluminium gushes onto the gate scene.

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Aluminium gates

What are Aluminium gates?

Aluminium gates are developed from shaped extrusions of light, strong aluminium with a hard bonded surface coating in any colour or a vast range of wood impact finishes. It means they can be made to look like standard wooden driveway gates, five-bar gates, and even any modern design and decorated wrought iron gates. Aluminium itself is a lightweight, beneficial material. It is used in everything from cars to aeroplanes and even mobile phones! And aluminium gates are in demand as a choice to wooden gates and heavy metal. So what is it that’s so good about aluminium gates?

Why Choose Aluminium Gates?

At a glimpse, you should think about buying aluminium gates because:

  • Aluminium gates are Strong
  • Aluminium Gates are Lightweight
  • Aluminium is Durable
  • Aluminium Gates are Reasonably Priced
  • Aluminium is Low Maintenance
  • Aluminium is Weather-resistant
  • Aluminium Gates are Stylish and Lavish
  • Aluminium gates have Elegant designs
  • Aluminium gates are Weather Resistant
  • Aluminium gates have Bespoke Designs

Aluminium can offer an attractive choice for standard gates. And it is not just the price tag that’s inspiring customers. There are a ton of optimistic characteristics to aluminium gates that mean they’re a significant long-term investment.

Why Aluminium Gates Are Better Choice For Your Home?

Choosing the right automatic gate system for a property can be a challenge, and a large part of this comes down to the choice of the gates themselves. There are many significant concerns, including how the gates glance when they’re new, what they’ll look like when they’ve been in place for some time, and the cost.

The first decision is always the choice of either swing or sliding gates. Then there are many choices for the automation system, which your gate installer will help you with. Getting the best quality automation system and the most suitable installer for your budget is essential. But the gates themselves are the most visible part of any automated gate system, and this is where your personal choice should not be compromised.

So do you have to go for gates that look attractive today but will suffer from fading, weathering, and even rust a few months or years later?

Or is there an option?

At Grand gates, we’ve developed a vast range of classic, stylish and contemporary styled aluminium gates to suit any property’s type. These aluminium gates are considered extremely famous because they look like iron, wooden or steel gates (depending on the chosen style). But just as significantly, they do not suffer from the weathering and ageing of these more traditional gate materials.

By choosing our service of Aluminium gates Scotland, you can make your home look more beautiful.

Aluminium gates can be:

  • Side entrance gates
  • Garden gates
  • Pedestrian gates
  • Driveway gates

How long will aluminium gates last?

Wooden gates are attractive when first installed, but much work is required to keep them looking that good. Colours fade, Paint flakes off the gates change shape as they absorb moisture and dry out, and eventually, they will break and start to decay. Likewise, iron gates rust, which must remove before treating the surface with rust inhibitors and then re-painting.
Aluminium gates do not rot like wooden gates and do not rust like iron gates. The layer that gives aluminium gates their shade or wood-effect finish is also a protecting layer that is so strong that we provide a 10-year guarantee on all our gates’ surface finish.

Strong and safe aluminium gates

Hardwood gates become even heavier when it rains and through moist winter when they absorb water. Iron and steel gates can be very heavy.
Gates made from aluminium are much lighter than steel and wooden gates but are also very strong. As they are so much lighter, aluminium gates need less force from the gate motors to close and open them. Consequently, automatic aluminium gate systems are more secure and energy-efficient than the choices.

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If you are choosing new gates and want the beauty of wood or the style of wrought iron gates, aluminium gates Scotland are an excellent option with none of the downsides. Find out how you can have the aluminium gates you always wanted and save money, effort and time by choosing Grand gates in Scotland.