Architectural Metalwork in Glasgow

Grand GatesArchitectural Metalwork in Glasgow

 If you require any custom metalwork, bespoke metalwork, and architectural metalwork in Glasgow, no need to get worried just call our expert team and they definitely will help you. 

Grand Gates – a recognised name for architectural metalwork

We are one of the most recognized names in the market for the design, manufacture, and installation of architectural and bespoke metal works in Glasgow, Scotland. We work closely with architects and project managers to ensure we deliver what is promised for your project. 

Architectural Metalwork in Glasgow
Architectural Metalwork in Glasgow

Architectural metalwork 

Our wide range of solutions comply with all the necessary building regulation requirements as well as adhering to all of the British Standard recommendations for structural stability, safety and accessibility. Grand Gates has a reputation for delivering complex and technically challenging projects on time and within budget.

Our architectural metalwork services in Edinburgh and Glasgow include:

  • Complete design, fabrication and installation of the metalwork
  • Manufacturing work as well as restoration work
  • Specialists coating systems
  • Specialising in traditional design ideas as well as materials such as iron and stainless steel 

Innovation is key to our success!

Our ability to value engineer projects has allowed the innovative use of pre-assembled complete balconies and balustrades. With specially designed fixing details complete with thermal breaks to eliminate cold bridging into the building substrate, minimising onsite assembly costs.

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