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Purpose of Automatic gates

Automatic gates are used to prevent entrance into a secured area. Most generally, automatic gates are used at the access to the facility and are used to avoid vehicle entry on the site.
A manufacturing plant may use an automated gate at its main entrance. All vehicles exiting and entering the plant must do so through the automatic gate. Automatic gates are also used in inner areas within a facility. For example, the automatic gates are commonly used inside a parking garage to divide employee parking areas from public spaces.

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Parts of an Automatic Gate

Automatic gates consist of two primary parts:

  • Gate: The gate is the physical thing that is moved to block the gate opening. Most gates used in retail applications are made of either chain-link material or ornamental iron. They are usually designed to match the fencing adjacent to where the entrance is installed.​​
  • Gate Operator: The gate operator is the machine that moves the gate in and out of the gate opening. Gate operators are electrically-powered and may be gear-driven, hydraulic or chain-driven, depending on the type of operator.

Automatic Gate Accessories

Many additions may be used in intersections with automatic gates. Some of these include:

Access control systems:

Automatic gates can be worked by various access control devices, including portable wireless transmitters, vehicle tag readers, card readers and digital keypads. In most retail installations, automatic gates are controlled by the same access control system used to manage the entrance doors to the buildings, allowing the same access card to be used in both places.

Intercom systems:

Intercom stations are often supplied at automatic gates to give visitors a means to connect with someone inside the facility when the gate is not opened. Most of these systems will make the gate remotely opened by someone inside the building once the visitor’s uniqueness has been confirmed.

Video surveillance systems:

Video cameras can be used to record and view movement on the gate. The video surveillance system is used in the intersection with the intercom system. This allows the uniqueness of visitors can be visually confirmed before opening the gate.

Free exit device

In many cases, it is sensual to open the gate automatically when a vehicle leaves the property. Devices that can deliver free exit include pressure switches, photoelectric beams and loop detectors.

Post office:

The post office may require a means to enter through the gate. This usually needs the use of one or more key-operated switches that are keyed to the post office’s standard key.

Emergency access:

Most fire departments need the means to access your property through your gate at all times. Devices that provide access can include activated sensors, strobes or siren key boxes (Knox Boxes), and radio receivers that can be started by the emergency vehicle’s two-way radio.

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Gate Safety Devices

Automatic gates weigh as much as 20,000 pounds or more. Moreover, it can travel at speeds as high as 36 inches per second or faster. As a result, gates have the possibility of causing severe property damage. Therefore, it is especially critical that safety concerns be included when designing any automatic gate installation.

Considerations When Choosing an Automatic Gate

The following are some essential things that must be considered when choosing an automatic gate:

  • Opening size
  • Availability of Space
  • Weight of gate
  • Opening and Closing Speed

There are six types of most commonly used automatic gates.

These include the bi-folding gate, cantilever gate, swing gate, vertical lift gate, vertical pivot lift gate and slide gates. Choosing which type of automatic gate to use is a big decision. But no need to worry; our automatic gates Scotland services are always there to help you.

Automatic gates are costly to install and require frequent, ongoing supervision. Sometimes, buying a more expensive gate can save you money over the long run due to fewer maintenance costs. Many developers and builders will select the most affordable rate possible when the building is being built. The owner then has to live with the effects, including frequent downtime and costly repairs.

Why buy automatic gates in Scotland from Grand Gates:

  • Controlled access
  • Security
  • Insurance benefits
  • Reduced risk of theft
  • Family and pet protection
  • Increased privacy
  • Stop people using your driveway for parking or u-turning
  • Aesthetics
  • Convenience

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