Bespoke Metalwork in Edinburgh

Grand GatesBespoke Metalwork in Edinburgh

At Grand Gates, we are privileged to possess a fabrication team in Edinburgh, Scotland comprising professional welders, with decades of experience, and whom can utilise both traditional techniques, as well as the most modern equipment and facilities, to create an entire spectrum metalwork for our clients, whom range from interior designers, architects to construction firms. We guarantee the best quality and affordable prices for any bespoke metal fabrication project.

Bespoke Metalwork in Edinburgh

Bespoke Metalwork in Edinburgh 

 “Metal manufacture is a synergy of skill, technical expertise, artistic talent and endless resourcefulness”.

Bespoke metal art & designer products

We offer services to customers who would like to realise their creative, functional or technological projects. We give our customers access to skills, expertise and technology needed to manufacture almost any type of bespoke metalwork in Edinburgh, Scotland. We continuously invest into purchasing traditional tools and new technology to combine the best of both worlds. This allows us to make metal and designer products of the highest quality and build to last. 

Currently our business joins together fabrication, welding, engineering, architecture and designing. We are able to fabricate metal art and unique metal products for exterior or interior, functional and decorative items. 

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