Bespoke Metalwork in Glasgow

Grand GatesBespoke Metalwork in Glasgow
Bespoke Metalwork in Glasgow

Iron work

If you are looking for a truly unique metalwork project for your home or business, then Grand Gates can help. You can get the benefit of our 20 years experience in the metalwork industry and we offer the manufacture, supply and even the installation of your bespoke metalwork products in Perth and Glasgow, Scotland.

Latest technology to produce best metalwork products!

We can create a wide range of options to best fulfill the needs of your metalwork project using a variety of metals and to high quality. We are able to assist you whether your project is the industrial, architectural, building or domestic sectors. Through our workshop in Perth, Grand Gates offer a professional, reliable and quality product. We use the latest state of the art welding technology to produce best quality neat products. 

Beautify your property’s look by our aluminium work!

  • Aluminium is strong, light in weight, nice to look at and resistant against some corrosion.
  • Also great for custom made metal products for your home or business
  • Good for any other fabrication project that requires maximum length and a light weight solution
Aluminium Windows Glasgow - Aluminium Windows Glasgow

Bespoke Metalwork in Glasgow

Choose our bespoke metalwork services due to:

  • Off and on-site welding and fabrication
  • Experienced and skilled fabricators & installers
  • Reliable and punctual
  • All metal works considered
  • Reasonable rates and comparative prices
  • Emergency callout

When the client is pleased with the final metalwork designs and specifications, annotated with all measurements taken from the site, our expert team can then fabricate the necessary metalwork in our workshop, and our clients are even welcome to see their work being created.

Whatever the metalwork required, whether it comprises gates and railings, or an entire multi-level staircase, we have the ultimate competency and capability to deliver a magnificent finished result, and in a range of materials from including steel, stainless steel or iron.

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