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What are Electric Gates?

Electric gates are usually used for high-security intents. They are frequently built to save large properties. Though they are not as popular as custom-built or automatic gates, electric gates have proven their effectiveness and comfort in specific market niches. They are liked mainly by large businesses or for the security of million-dollar estates. They can be started by using a keypad, fingerprint identification, or simply pushing a button on the remote control.

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How helpful are Electric Gates?

Electric gates are helpful and efficient for providing security and convenience. Some of the newer models of these gates are made with motion detectors attached to them, so they do not need as much manual function as the older models. They can be customised to fit any driveway and are hard to smash through or open if you do not know the passcode on the remote control. Altogether, this kind of gate should be able to keep any undesirable sight out of a substantial estate and lend an effort of protection to those inside the estate.

The Three Types of Electric Gates

There are three main ways that electric gates may be used and moved. The first is called the swing-type gates are closed and opened using a solid motor. The motor, on the power of a button, releases enough energy to swing the gate back and forth, depending on the action needed. Swing-type gates are the most popular and easy to install. They are usually made of wrought iron, thus making them heavy. Individuals considering this type of gate must have a relatively long driveway for the gate to open upon.

The second type of electric gate is called the folding type.

This type is more packed than the swing type gate. It is created of several sheets of solid metal hinged together. Once started, the gate extends or contracts. All the metal sheets are stretched to form a protecting barrier powered by electricity when the gate is shut. On the other hand, when the gate is open, the sheets are automatically tucked together on one side of the entryway. This is why folding-type gates take up less space than swing-type gates. The folding type gate is usually made of aluminium or galvanised steel, depending on the builder’s choice.

The third kind of electric gate is called the sliding type.

How do Electric Gates Open and Close?

When asking a gate to open and close, the most common method is using a remote control, also known as a transmitter. Remote controls are often small enough to fit in a pocket or handbag and open or close the gate at the push of a button. The same remote control could also open your garage door or other automated entrance.

So, how does this open the gate?

The transmitter sends a signal to a receiver which passes that command to open or close the gate to the control panel. Only two radio frequencies are permitted for remote control gates in Scotland. These are 433MHz or 868MHz. The transmitter and receiver have to use the same frequency to communicate.

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It’s also important to note that each remote may have a separate coding system, such as a rolling or a fixed code, meaning the regulations must match up with the receiver for the command to work. Electric gates always use electronic motors to move the gate, which may work with a hydraulic system or an electromechanical system. The gate design will decide how it operates. Sliding gates run on wheels at the bottom of an entrance; a static motor drives them with a cog on its output beam that links with a toothed rack running the length of the gate.

Are Electric Gates Safe?

Electric gates are strong and can cause injury if they are not stopped from coming into contact with anything or anyone who isn’t expecting it. However, many safety devices can be included in an electric gate system. These include photocells which send a beam of invisible light from one to another. The pair of photocells are placed on either side of a potential danger zone. When the gates are moving, anyone passing through the light beam into the danger zone breaks the shaft, and the gates are instructed to stop moving.

Other physical safety features include edges added to the points on the gate that can come into contact with anyone who gets close to moving gates. The edges soften the blow and immediately send a signal to the gate control panel telling it to stop and change to prevent further damage.

What are the advantages of electric gates?

Better security

The most significant benefit of having electric gates is better security at your property or premises. Households can rest assured that their possessions will remain protected, while businesses don’t have to worry about expensive stolen assets. Electric gates not only make it harder for individuals to access your property, but they also act as a barrier.

More convenience

The problem with a standard set of gates is that you must get out of your car to open them whenever you return home or arrive at work. Another problem is that you might forget to lock up when leaving. But with electric gates, which are fully automated thanks to in-built motors and wireless technology, you can enjoy more comfort.

Greater safety

Although many people have electric gates to keep people out, they can also be beneficial at keeping people in. For example, if children have space to play outside their home, there is every chance they will run into the road without thinking. The same goes for pets chasing a ball or another animal. Therefore, electric gates can provide more excellent safety and peace of mind

Increase value

Like other household additions, installing electric gates can add value to your home. You can view this decision as a long-term investment that will be worthwhile if you decide to sell up and move on. Businesses may also command a higher price for their services, as electric gates prove that you prioritise quality.

Lower insurance

Some insurance companies may offer you lower dividends if you have a set of electric gates. This is because they will know your property is more secure than others nearby and less likely to suffer from a burglary. Businesses looking to keep a vigilant eye on their costs will find lower insurance premiums helpful.

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