Maintaining and servicing your security gates

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Maintaining and servicing your security gates

15 March 2013 Posted by 2e-admin Customer care Gate Automation Gates

After investing in your security gates, it’s only sensible to take proper care of them and at Grand Gates we understand the importance of looking after such an investment. That’s why we provide an aftercare service, to give you long term peace of mind.

Steel gates are very durable and do not require much maintenance, and although may cost slightly more to install, will last for many years, so are a great investment. To protect your gates from damage and rust, we will galvanise the gates. Galvanising iron and steel involves covering it with a layer of zinc. This is applied by immersing the metalwork in a receptacle containing molten zinc, which prevents corrosion, protecting the steel underneath. The surface can then be painted with a weather-proof paint that will eliminate chipping and flaking.

Installing a security gate acts as a great deterrent for thieves as a closed gate prevents them from making a quick exit. It can be impractical for you to have your gate closed at all times, which is where an automated gate comes into its own, providing you with security but also with easy access when required, and an increase on the value of your home due to improved looks and security. Another benefit is that you do not have to leave the comfort of your car on a cold, dark night as you can operate the gates using a remote control!

If you choose to purchase automatic gates, it’s very important that you use an approved installer like Grand Gates who can offer you CE certification for their work. As with any machinery, automatic gates carry certain risks during installation, as there is extensive cabling and ground work involved in the process. It is vital that the installation is fully risk assessed to avoid any danger of serious injuries or even death by incompetent workmanship, which sadly is known to have happened in the past.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) issues safety advice regarding electronic gates, pointing out that they are designed to stop if someone should get in the their way. Installers have a serious responsibility to make sure that there are protection devices in place to prevent crushing, shearing and trapping and that these devices are properly set and maintained.

Our comprehensive maintenance service for your electric gates ensures not only that they remain safe but also that they run at maximum levels of efficiency.

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