The future of home access control systems

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The future of home access control systems

17 April 2013 Posted by 2e-admin Security

One day, in the not too distant future, our home security will be taken care of using only our bodies, which will replace the need for remote controls or access cards. It may sound a bit like science fiction, but new biometric technology has already been developed which will allow us to lock our doors simply by touching the handles with our unique fingerprints, and perform other tasks like printing out documents by simply touching a couple of devices like a computer and a printer. It’s the future of home access control systems

How does this biometric technology work? The human body itself is used to transmit the required data. Instead of the radio waves which are currently used for Bluetooth and other similar technologies, and which can be interfered with, this new technology uses the electrical field that is given off by a human presence and converts this electrical energy to data. The biometric machine reads physical characteristics, meaning you need never have to remember a number code or your keys ever again. This amazing technology will be much harder for even the most adept criminals to fool, making security systems better than they have ever been before. People will even be able to exchange information with each other simply by making a physical connection with each other. Amazing though it seems, this technology is already in use in some high security sites worldwide, and is gradually finding its way to the UK marketplace.

Until this amazing technology becomes readily available we must rely on the other systems we have in place to protect us from criminals, and Grand Gates can offer their expertise in this field with a wide range of access control systems. Thieves are better deterred by the use of a diverse range of security options, rather than only one. For example, you might want to consider the use of an automatic gate which allows easy entry for family members yet blocks access to strangers, in combination with another system.

We can also offer CCTV controlled entry, remote access for opening and closing gates, and durable exterior gates with reinforced hinges and traditional steel locks that are aesthetically pleasing but which send out a clear message to potential intruders. Grand Gates have a range of keycard access solutions for multiple tenants and intercom systems that can provide an extra level of security for any home or business.

Grand Gates offer an extensive range of access control systems and high quality gates, railings and bespoke metalwork. We always supply and install the best quality materials, provide quality workmanship and work to the best standards of safety possible, so you know you are in safe hands. We are proud to have an excellent customer service record and to produce such high quality products for our customers.

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